10. Handwriting: Have patient write the standard sentence: "This is a sample of my best handwriting," sign his or her name, and write the date.

0= Normal

1= Mildly abnormal. Slightly untidy, tremulous.

2= Moderately abnormal. Legible, but with considerable tremor.

3= Markedly abnormal, Illegible.

4= Severely abnormal. Unable to keep pencil or pen on paper without holding hand down with the other hand.

11-13. Drawings (A,B,C): Ask the patient to join both points of the various drawings without crossing the lines. Test each hand, beginning with the lesser involved, without leaning the hand or arm on the table.

0= Normal

1= Slightly tremulous. May cross lines occasionally.

2 = Moderately tremulous or crosses lines frequently.

3= Accomplishes the task with great difficulty. Many errors.

4= Unable to complete drawing.

14. Pouring: Use firm plastic Cups (8 cm tall), filled with water to I Cm from top. Ask patient to pour water from one cup to another. Test each hand separately.

0= Normal

1= More careful than a person without tremor, but no water is spilled.

2= Spills a small amount of water (up to 10% of total amount).

3= Spills a considerable amount of water

4= Unable to pour without spilling most of the water.