Rest Tremor

Let hands rest on legs or forearms on armrest, flexed elbows, with palms facing upwards. Often enhanced by cognitive tasks. Rest tremor is brought out by walking, or when performing movements of another body part.

Action Tremor:

It is ideal for action tremor to be tested in multiple settings. When the arm moves from rest to posture, tremor may be seen to be ongoing and can be seen as the arm is lifted. Re-emergent tremor of PD should be regarded as an action tremor.  Note that the suppression of tremor amplitude during movement onset is in favour of a dopaminergic deficiency syndrome like PD.

Kinetic Tremor

Postural Tremor: Keep arms and fingers in two positions:

Isometric Tremor: During isometric contraction e.g. making a fist, contraction against static object, such as examiner’s fingers.